Sunday, 28 February 2016

When did you get so tall?

When did you get so tall, love?
Your shoulders are now broad
Your limbs so long and lithe, love
Your stance so self assured

What happened to your hands, love?
The dimples are all gone
Their span is close to mine, love
Your fingers lean and strong

Your little button nose, love
Your waterfall of hair
The colour of your eyes, love
Your skin so clear and fair

I heard you laugh last night love
The future came to me
That laugh will bring you love, love
So warm, alive and free

I once carried you within, love
Curled tightly like a ball
Where have those years all gone love?
When did you get so tall?

Monday, 8 February 2016

When Your Sense of Style Reaches Crisis Point

Have you ever found you don't know what you're wearing?
And can't believe you've stepped out in the street
Looking like you're totally past caring
With your daughter's Crocs placed firmly on your feet.

Have you ever got in just after the school run
And deposited your coat inside the hall
To find out that you forgot to put your bra on
And the top you're wearing is a size too small?

When you work from home do you feel motivated
I really *must* stop doing this!
To dress like you've a meeting to go to?
Or do you wear the jeans that you've always hated
With a bleach stain where you once cleaned out the loo

Have you ever left the house in such a hurry
That you've just put on what's closest to the door
Even if it is a jumper stained with curry
Or a coat that has spent ten days on the floor

Have you ever spent the whole day in your gym kit
After just one hour spent on exercise
Pushing trolleys around Waitrose isn't keep fit
But those leggings really do hold in our thighs!

Have you ever thought where did that young girl go to?
Have you ever thought where is my sense of style?
Have you ever thought thank christ that pressure's over
And allowed yourself a great big massive smile?

I know I'm not the only one who's out there
Whose fashion sense has taken such a blow
But I think I've reach the point where I do not care
There are times when it is fine to just let go!