Sunday, 26 August 2012

There Goes my Hero

I am watching one of my favourite bands - The Foo Fighters - perform at the Reading Festival.  Unfortunately this post is not coming from the festival itself, but my living room...something that I plan to rectify next year.  

Seeing Dave Grohl in action is a particularly life affirming experience as he manages to combine raw power, musical genius and the biggest grin in rock to deliver a masterclass in connecting with an audience.  As they've been going nearly twenty years the Foo Fighters' music has soundtracked my adult life so far and the last time I saw them live I had to be dragged from the moshpit due to nearly passing out.  The reason?  I was (unknown to me) 2 weeks pregnant and my body was not pleased at the weekend of drinking and leaping around I was trying to inflict upon it.

Go on, admit it.  You want to hug him too!
Outside of my attachment to their music what really does it for me is watching someone doing something that they so obviously love.  There's this guy, creating a brilliant thing to share with other people and having the time of his bloody life doing it.  You can't fake that kind of passion and energy and it's made me realise why I'm so attached to the experience - I want a piece of that!  

Let's rock
Before you become too alarmed I am not about to embark on a singing career but what Mr Grohl has just provided me with is a motivational boost to pursue my writing career with even more gusto.  Participating in a satisfactory business meeting will not make me feel like a rock star but getting published will.

So here's to all the people that are already rocking out in their day to day lives, turning what they love into their career - I look forward to joining you soon!

UPDATE: I did indeed publish my book.  And then another two :)  You can view them here

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