Who am I?

Not Alison Goldfrapp

Hello, I'm Toni - optimist, absurdist and relentlessly cheerful.  I write, rhyme, and perform stand up as a way of escaping from the fact that I'm actually a 42 year old mother of two, and not Alison Goldfrapp.

The blog will tell you a lot about me but if you really do want to know more:

For everyday cheerful chat, drop by my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tonijkent or follow me on Twitter at @tonijkent 

For the very best bits of the blog, covering everything from growing up in mighty, mighty Basingstoke through to my thoughts on parenting, control underwear and being born with ginger hair: 'Reasons to be Cheerful, Part One' is available to buy in both eBook and print format via Amazon: http://amzn.to/17Aqkl1 


  1. Hi Toni,
    Drop me a note if you are keen. I love your blog and wish I had spent more time really getting to know you when I was in the UK!

  2. Hi Toni

    What a wonderful way with words you have!! Great stuff, and many thanks.


    1. Hi Barbara

      Thank you! Great to see you last week, here's to a year of fun before we see you again :)

      Toni x

  3. I wish you all the best for the future.

  4. Hi Toni

    Would love to catch up with you. I have lost your address and number.

    Your old friend Claire x

    1. Hello! Will drop you a line, great to hear from you xx