Thursday, 7 March 2019

The Ballad of IKEA

Ikea I fear You're going to make me lose my mind I finally find What I'm looking for And without the horror of going to your store But your website It's not right I put stuff in the basket And ask it To let me pay But no way You tell me "This rug is not available online" That's fine It was an impulse buy But why Do you then say "You can't order the wardrobe by the way" For SLĂ„KT's sake! Could you make This any worse? You can, of course The drawers I need You can despatch at speed The price makes me shiver £39 to deliver?! Convenience costs, I guess I get out my Visa and click 'yes' But then.....oh the terror There's an "Asynchronous Processing Error.. ….please contact your bank" Well thank YOU! Could you screw This up any more? I want to roar Instead I try again And then The entire purchase gets blocked "Mrs Kent, your account is locked"