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*New* Reasons to be Cheerful Rides Again

It's time for another ride around the block as Toni hops back into the saddle to share her experiences of parenting, technology and trying to enjoy mid-life without having a crises (she is blatantly having a crisis).

Find out how it feels to start performing stand up after turning 40, discover why 'The Body' is a fashion item that should have been consigned to the '90s and experience the joy and pain of camping without having to put up a tent.

I Need a Wife

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman, and I Need a Wife contains a selection of poems that covers all the seriously hard stuff: tights that do not fit properly, why there can be no love when it comes to sharing a duvet, and the realisation that spots are not just for teenagers.  I Need a Wife is my first collection of poems.  You can read the title poem here:  Signed copies of the book are available for £4.99 by hitting the "buy now" button!

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part One 

Wise man once sang: "I want to break free."  This is the thought that occupied my mind as I struggled to maintain a balance between being a well-paid corporate monkey and a knackered mother and wife.  Realising that something had to give and that my soul was slowly being eaten up by endless lattes and business reviews, I left the security of my job in IT to strike out as a freelance writer.

Somewhere along the way I stared a blog where I wrote essays on motherhood, my love/hate relationship with technology, the joys of ginger hair, and control underwear.  This book is a collection of the best bits from that first year of freedom.

If you've ever fallen over at a wedding, set fire to your kitchen, paused Sunday lunch to wipe a smelly bottom then happily carried on eating, or sang your heart out in the middle of a field, then this book is for you.

£6.99 + P&P Click here to buy from Amazon

Mr Reuben and the Mole

Just what happens when a gang of moles invade your garden three weeks before an important party? Find out when you join Mr Reuben on the first of his adventures.

Mr Reuben is an English country gentleman with gentlemanly ways. Mindful of manners and never anything but impeccably dressed, he means well but seems to struggle when it comes to understanding animals. This leads to him regularly being outsmarted by our four legged friends. Maybe one day he'll learn his lesson....

Signed copies are available for £4.99 + P&P by clicking the PayPal button below.

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