Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Wonder of You

Today marked a milestone in our family history.  The boy wonder is now a 'big boy', so he and his sister donned their uniforms and the whole family walked to school together.

We took more pictures than the children felt willing to pose for so half the photos contain face pulling or are blurred by sudden movements as they adopted a Power Ranger stance rather than standing neatly in their freshly ironed uniforms and new shoes that will be scuffed before I finish writing this post.

I haven't felt particularly sad about our daughter becoming a 'junior' or our son starting primary, because they are now together during the day and we are financially and logistically better off with the pre-school years behind us.  That said I have been a little more wistful and reflective and am being told to 'stop looking at me!' on a regular basis so I feel I need to offer the children an explanation.  Here it is:

When I'm looking at you, or holding your hand, or giving you a cuddle, I'm trying to take in and commit to memory every little part of you - every detail on your face, how you move and stand, how your hand feels in mine.  I'm trying to capture that sheen on your cheeks, the tilt of your nose, how you fit in my arms.  I want to record the way you light up when you're really excited, your uncontrollable giggles, the flashes of your Daddy and Grandpops that sometimes cross your face.  I know the shape of your nails and the length of your toes, the first freckle you got and the chickenpox scars.  The curve of your tummy, the strength in your calves, the shape of your hairline, I'm trying to hold on to it all.  The way you narrow your eyes, your cupid's bow, your little ears, I want to keep it.  I'm trying to absorb these things because the photos can't capture it, the videos don't come close and you are growing fast and one day you'll be too big to fit on my lap, too grown up for holding hands, too self-conscious to dance like a chicken in the living room.  There will come a time when you definitely won't want to be tickled into hysterical submission or kissed goodbye at the school gate, when you'll think I'm embarrassing and cramping your style.  So until that time comes, you beautiful and amazing children, I'm not 'just looking at you', I'm taking every hug, hand-holding moment, and opportunity to enjoy you that you send my way and treasuring every second of it.

Soundtrack: The Wonder of You - Elvis Presley


  1. You made me cry TK, tis tough being a mum.. Leah x

  2. Aw Leah, sending you a hug chick! xx

  3. Made me cry too.. You capture those feelings we have perfectly, Toni... I can't believe how fast they grow... hope you are well, Sarah Dakovic xxx

    1. Hey Sarah, good to hear from you and hope those two babies of yours aren't growing up too fast! Toni xxx