Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I Need a Wife

I need a wife
Someone to organise my life 
To sort out bills 
Do the shopping too 
To clean the wee from around the loo..  

Someone who remembers when term ends 
When homework's due 
Someone who sends.. 
Completed forms and makes dates to play
Who never forgets an inset day 

Someone to manage groups and clubs 
Gymnastics, swimming, judo, cubs 
Washing, drying, washing again 
Darks and delicates, whites and then... 
Someone who can quickly find the one sock that got left behind 

Someone to stem the tide of mess 
Sew on badges, hem a dress 
Hoover the house, get filing done 
Speak to the bank, make homework "fun" 

I look around my house and see
It's chaos if you're married to me
The kids' shoes are missing, disorder is rife 
I just have to face it I need a wife!

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