Wednesday, 20 March 2013

You Can Get It If You Really Want

For the past two Monday nights, I have found myself sat in a very welcoming kitchen with excellent company.  Some of us know each other well, some of us only met last Monday but we each have the same thing in common; one beautiful friend.

For those of you that read the blog post dedicated to her, you will know that last year our beautiful friend helped to arrange some events for our village.  The Easter one was so successful that the local tourist information office called one of the girls to ask if it was happening again this year.  It was only ever intended to be a one-off but the call sparked an idea to hold it again as a tribute to her, raising funds for the local cancer charities that so helped her and her family.

The only slight snag is that from phone call to event we have but three weeks.  We are almost two weeks in and it has been frankly incredible what a small group of people with access to some technology and a network of extremely generous local people can achieve.

So far, between us we have managed to source the most eclectic array of goods since Del Boy closed the doors to his lock-up.  We have...

1 venue
6 gazebos
3 banners and dozens of posters
3 chickens
A lamb
200 eggs
An unspecified number of rabbits (well you know what they're like for breeding..)
Face paints
Raffle prizes
An Olympic Gold medal and hopefully the athlete to go with it

1 PA system
1 'tug-o-war' rope
- At this point would you mind if I indulged myself to bellow "FIVE GO-OLD RINGS"? -
Vintage china
A coconut shy
A coin-sorter
The commitment of the entire Key Stage 1 of the local school to produce Easter Bonnets
1 tractor
2 ponies

And, should disaster strike due to the wonderful British weather - we've even got a back up thanks to the kindness of our local Scout troop.

Everything we have been able to acquire at little, or no cost which means the charities make more, and everybody gets a little bit of something that money can't buy; the pleasure that comes with giving something out of kindness.

The levels of generosity, understanding, willingness to help, good humour and teamwork has been good for the soul and will result in something that hopefully will do our friend, and her family proud.  Who knows what the next Monday meeting will bring and who knows how the event will work out but what we do know is that we'll do it just as she would have done; with laughter, positivity, and by the seat of our pants! 

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