Monday, 16 February 2015

Six things I've learnt (so far) about working from home

Working from home is a luxury when you're normally office-based, but when you have to do it full-time it becomes a slightly different proposition than a way to get in a cheeky lunch with friends, or a chance to walk the children to and from school.  Here's what I've learnt so far :)

1. Inanimate objects have the power of telepathy
Good grief....

The washing up, the pile of post, the Lego that your children have distributed across the carpet. All of them sending out messages to attend to them. You will miss the days when you used to shut the door on it all and head to an office where the carpets are Lego-free.

2. You will get through certain things at an alarming rate

Give it a day and
that'll need topping up
Coffee, milk, bread, toilet roll. When you work in an office there are magical fairies that come and replenish these items. If you have the fortune to work for a large corporate they may even top up your fruit bowl and have themed days in the restaurant where the chef will cook Chinese food for you at a vastly subsidised rate. This does not happen when you work from home.

3. Walking from one room to the other becomes a walk too far

What? You mean I have to walk from the office to the kitchen just to get a drink?! I'm not sure if it's because you have to navigate the washing up / post / Lego to get to your destination but when I worked in a 'proper' office you would have thought my chair was on fire the amount of times I got up. That's why.......

4. Sometimes doing the laundry is ok

I feel a leg stretch coming on :)
With a chair that is not on fire, and a feeling that you can't be bothered to cross even the threshold from one room to another, let alone drive a couple of miles to replenish your coffee, milk, bread and toilet roll, then you are in real danger of your bottom pooling until it cannot be freed from your chair without industrial grease or cutters. Get up, stretch your legs, take five minutes out.

5. Mirrors and visitors are useful

Working on your own at home comes with a real risk of developing disgusting eating habits and unforgivable clothing combinations. Nobody wants to Skype you to find you're sitting in your pyjamas or that you have a big string of Panini cheese hanging off your chin as you eat lunch hunched over your laptop. Arrange to see people or perhaps hang a mirror near your desk - just beware that you don't turn into a budgie and start talking to your reflection....

6. Less time meeting, more time doing!

One of the trade-offs of working in an office is that you must regularly participate in the mind-numbing, spirit-crushing activity that is "being in a meeting". Usually someone will be late because they've stopped to buy a latte, or are in another meeting which is running late because everyone wanted a coffee which held up the start of that meeting by ten minutes. Sometimes you will get to the end of the meeting and nothing has been decided except flat whites are the new lattes. Embrace your freedom to 'do'!


  1. Ah, sadly I have been pulled onto many a Video Conference still in my PJ's!!! I like to think of it as a creative choice.. �� Leah x

    1. You obviously have far smarter pj's than I do Leah or you're being asked to work extremely unsociable hours! I use video calls and the school run as a reason to make sure I'm at least half-way presentable :D