Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Look of Love

The wedding for which I purchased special underwear (see 'Spanx for the Memories') was a triumph.  As you would expect it was filled with joy, happiness, and a room full of people sincerely wishing the couple all the very best for their future together.

The attention to detail was incredible; retro sweets to inspire a sense of fun, a photo & video booth to capture everyone's congratulatory messages in real-time (and to give the exhibitionists a safe place to bare their bottoms at midnight) and place settings made out of wooden hearts on pieces of string that the ladies tied to their wrists to add a romantic twist to their outfits.  There was even a dedication on each table to loved ones now gone and heart-shaped confetti that had been painstakingly cut out of books of romantic poetry.  Every tiny piece seemed to have a word like 'cherish' printed on it.

But the thing that really did it for me was when the groom was delivering a very emotional part of his speech, acknowledging the love he had not just for his wife and their son but also asking everyone to raise a toast to 'absent friends'.  At that point in time, with him and half the room in tears, his wife was calm and looking at him in a way that said "when you feel weak I will be strong", theirs is truly a love match.  It reminded me that outside of all of the things that we think we need and the money that we spend on baubles and parties to demonstrate our love (I love a diamond - don't get me wrong), there are times when a look like that says it better than anything else ever could.

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