Tuesday, 3 July 2012

All the Small Things

Why is choosing this so hard?!
Here are some things that have been the cause of bickering and exasperated cries in our house over the years: 

Leaving a light on
Not loading the dishwasher 'correctly'
Not replacing the toilet roll
Leaving clothes on the floor
Choosing wallpaper

Why is it that these inconsequential things can be the cause of such frustration?  How is it that a dropped plate can be the catalyst for actual tears?  Why does stubbing your toe provoke a response more suited to a footballer feigning an injury?

Sometimes the little things can cause big outbursts and being an emotional type who wants life to be an endless festival of amusing distractions, I know I am guilty of over-reacting and sometimes having unrealistic expectations.

Thankfully, however, I have great friends that are happy to discuss life without putting up a wall of pretence.  During a particularly fruitful wine-assisted conversation we gave each other a good talking to on the fact that if you're in agreement on the massive stuff like marriage and raising the children then in the grand scheme of things the occasional expression of annoyance really is small fry.  It would be unrealistic to expect to live with the same person for the rest of your life without ever having raised your voice or disagreed about who's turn it is to put the bins out.  

So whilst one of us buying the 'wrong' type of crisps or forgetting to put Parent's Evening on the calendar may still cause a childish outburst or an 'argh!' of frustration I will take it in context and move on.  I will try not to sweat the small stuff.

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