Friday, 13 July 2012

No Sex Please.....

One of my tweets appeared on South Today recently.  Oh yes, I am a legend in my mother's living room.  It was celebrating the kindness of a couple who let my children stand in front of them at the Olympic Torch relay so they could really enjoy taking part in a moment of history rather than being stuck behind a load of grown-ups.  Lovely.

I had a couple of messages from friends amused that they had seen me, but also something that I wasn't expecting - a return tweet from a woman who for some reason thought I would be interested in her breasts.  I am unsure quite how the hashtags #newbury and #generosity translated into #getyert*tsout, but for her it did, and so she thought it would be fine to drop me a line.  I blocked her and thought no more of it, but then a follower of hers who was particularly frank about what parts of a woman he likes to see tried to follow me. Blocked and reported.

Porn is of course no new thing - if you want to acquire some there are plenty of ways to get your hands on it...ahem...but what has started happening more and more is that porn can now come looking for you whether you're interested or not.  Now I am no prude and can hit the 'delete' button with the speed of a touch typist but I do take issue with cyber-genitals getting between me and whatever else it is I'm trying to do.   It is one thing to receive a Blue X Event email from Debenhams when you're eating a ham sandwich, quite another to get a Triple-X tweet - put me right off!

So for now, if they look even remotely dodgy (41 Followers 13000 Following, being called '@ChestyMcSlaptickle' etc...)  I'm not going to look through their tweet history and I will cross my fingers that I stay off the local news radar from now on!

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