Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Let's Talk About Sex

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So the Church of England has decided that gay men in  civil partnerships can become bishops.  Very good!  But they must promise to be celibate - what?!

Now I make no claim to understand the politics and ancient traditions of the church but what I do know is that this decision seems to be creating a very strange condition of employment and one that I am wondering how on earth the church will enforce.  My mind swims with images of senior clergy hiding in cupboards ready to leap out at the slightest hint of romance and spot-checks to make sure that the 3-drawer chest is wedged securely between the single beds.
Hmm, not sure these are far enough apart..

I agree with Rev Ian Stubbs comment here that it is odd to be told it's ok to be in a loving relationship but that you cannot express it in a sexual way.  Even more if you have done so up until the point that you're given your dream job.

Can you imagine working all your life to become an astronaut, or a brain surgeon, or a prima ballerina to be told that you can have the job, but only if you stop having sex?  Actually, would you take any job where that was one of the requirements?  Whether you get your rocks off on a daily basis or only fancy it on your birthday and Christmas, and whether you do it out of true love, for kicks, or to create new life it's part of what makes us human so how can you be expected to switch it off?  

I'll be interested to see how this goes; perhaps all the candidates will be celibate, and for those that aren't I think there might be another ancient tradition involved that is still very much alive today: that of crossing your fingers when making a promise (plenty of space to do that in a cassock :) ).

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