Monday, 28 January 2013

Get into the Groove

With January nearly at a close I had hoped to be more organised by now; settled fully into the New Year with clear plans for the next eleven months.

We painfully ground through the gears of dragging ourselves out of our Christmas coccoon and into to the first weeks back at school, pre-school, work and, in my case, starting a new job.  By now, we should have made a clear transition from a boundary-free festive season (see 'How Soon is Now' ) to clearly planned, precision-timed, actions and activities.  But no, not us.

My son caught norovirus, and two days later so did I.  And then it snowed and snowed and snowed and the school shut so we both worked from home and took it in turns to pull our daughter around on a sledge.  Then we had a weekend of pulling both of our children around on their sledges which was actually great fun because we caught up with friends and found our tricep muscles.  And then school reopened but our daughter caught a virus which kept her off for three days.   Fortunately nothing serious, so after a sigh of relief I allowed myself a strangulated "aargh!" 

Aiming to get back into the groove after Christmas has felt like trying to tidy up during a children's party: very hard work and ultimately fruitless and frustrating.  A bit like this:
Photo by nawtydawg - the scrawl is mine

But come Friday, it will be February and I will try again, and who knows - perhaps I'll finish the month like this!

photo from lovemeow 

Soundtrack: Into the Groove by Madonna

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