Sunday, 3 February 2013

And if you have 5 seconds to spare.....

There were a number of posts fighting to be written this evening but these have been pushed by the wayside by an email I received informing me that I've been nominated in the 2013 MAD Blog Awards in these three four! categories:

Best Blog
Best Blog Writer
Best New Blog
Most Entertaining

Tres bien! 

So here's a little request.

If you have 5 seconds to spare, please pop over to .

You have to select a Best Overall Blog (feel free to put my blog address in if you don't regularly visit any others :) ) and then have the chance the nominate in other categories.  The one I'd love to win is 'Best Blog Writer'...pretty please.

This is also a great chance to vote for other parent bloggers that you know out there so make a list, make a nomination, and you might just make someone's year.  

Thank you.  Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

Soundtrack: Half a Person by the Smiths

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