Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mystery Meat

Mystery meat
Mystery meat
I've looked in the freezer
There's just you to eat
Are you a health hazard
Or are you a treat?
What are you mystery meat?

Mystery meat
No label = no idea what the contents are...

There is no label
On top of the Tupperware 
So how am I able
To tell if you're safe
To serve up at the table?
Dare I chance it, mystery meat?

Mystery meat
Is it months or days
You've been in the icebox
In a frozen haze?
There's only two options for this foodstuff maze
Bin or taste you, mystery meat

Mystery meat
The microwave pings
I hope that the heat has killed off nasty things
The mystery's over 
And my heart it sings

You're last week's spag bol, mystery meat!

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